The Simple Strategy to Track Your Progress and Avoid Feeling Stuck

The Simple Strategy to Track Your Progress and Avoid Feeling Stuck

When’s the last time you really celebrated how far you’ve come in life? Are you guilty of focusing on the things you haven’t done instead of celebrating the progress you’ve made?

The thing about progress is, it usually happens slowly over time. It’s far less common to experience one moment that completely changes the entire direction of your life. But these small changes often go unnoticed.

You might feel like you’re no further along than you were a year ago. But that’s just not possible. We are all moving forward in one way or another.

The problem is that we’re not very good at tracking our progress. When we accomplish a goal, we are already moving on to the next one. We don’t take the time to pause and say “hey, I did a great job!”

When you’re feeling stuck or like you’re not as far along as you thought you’d be, it’s usually a sign that you need to check in and take inventory of exactly what you’ve accomplished over the past week, month or year.

Before you dive in, take a sec to download the Life Inventory Worksheet to help you track your progress and avoid feeling stuck.
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How to create a Life Inventory to Track Your Progress

1. What You Should Include In Your Life Inventory

A Life Inventory is super simple to complete, but has a big impact on putting your life in perspective.

It involves writing down all of the ways your life has changed over a specific period of time. This includes new friends, new jobs or promotions, new hobbies, goals you accomplished, daily habits you stuck with, places you traveled, debts you paid off, random new experiences, etc.

When I complete my Life Inventory, I try not to focus on material possessions unless it’s something that has a significant impact on my daily life or was a major investment – like a new car, (better) apartment or buying a house.

2. Why the Life Inventory Works

The purpose of the Life Inventory is to help you reflect on how much you’ve actually accomplished. When you’re constantly looking forward to the next goal, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come or where you started in the first place.

I love doing this exercise because it really helps me pause and give myself credit before moving on to the next thing.

3. How Often Should You Complete a Life Inventory?

I try to do this exercise at least once every year. But really, I recommend doing it as often as possible. By checking in on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, you can see just how much progress you’re making which will help you avoid feeling stuck or getting burnt out on your goals.

But more importantly, it gives you a chance to pause and celebrate all of your wins – especially the ones that seem too small to stop and celebrate. The small changes are the ones that have the biggest impact on your life. So it’s important that you recognize them and give yourself credit! 

Now it’s your turn! Download the Life Inventory Worksheet to help you focus on just how much progress you’ve made.
Don’t forget to throw yourself a victory party when you’re done!
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