How to Live a More Intentional Life as a Millennial

The month of June is going to be all about how to live with intention. I thought there was no better person to introduce you to this topic than Dee Jackson, founder of My Dee Dee’s Diary, who is on a mission to empower her millennial sisters to embrace their awesomeness + become the freakin’ supernovers they were always meant to be. Keep reading for Dee’s top tips on how to live a more intentional life as a millennial. 

Every so often I enjoy sitting on the sand at the beach to watch the waves. For some this is a blatant waste of time but for me, this is one of the intentional choices I’ve made with my life. As a millennial woman, I’m often seen as a shallow representation of everything that has gone wrong with the world but that’s not true. Millennials have the ability to live a life of intention where they’re not just passengers along for the ride. If you want to learn more about how to live a more intentional life as a millennial, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you lacking a true sense of direction when it comes to figuring out what you want to do with your life? Check out the top tips for living a more intentional life as a millennial.

How to Live a More Intentional Life as a Millennial

Understand the Choices You Make

Millennials tend to be an impulsive group of people. We move on intuition or whatever feels right without stopping to think about what might come next.

This often means that we have no control over the future ramifications of the decisions we make today.

The first step to living a more intentional life is to understand the choices we all make in life.

Our lives are actually a combination of all the choices we have made, are making and will make in the future.

You need to understand that every morning you wake up is a chance to start anew. You have the opportunity to influence the kind of day you’re going to have by the actions you take from that point on.

There is nothing that says you must be held captive by past circumstances. Decide within yourself that this day forward you will more conscious of the choices you make because you understand their impact.

Accept People As They Are

The next thing you need to do is accept everyone as they are. You need to understand that it is not your place to judge or change someone else.

Everyone is a combination of their choices and circumstances and you have no idea of the exact situations that led a person to who they are today.

Stop criticizing because, just as they make mistakes, so will you. No-one is perfect and it’s that simple fact that makes us amazing.

Accept everyone in whatever stage of life they are in because at one point you either were or will be there.

Focus on yourself and your growth and leave others to time.

Write Things Down

You’d be surprised the difference writing things down has made in my life.

I went from the person who always forgets to being a millennial woman who actually, for the most part, has my act together.

Not many can say that, lol.

As simple as it sounds, start writing things down every day.

To live an intentional life you need to be organized and productive. Writing a list and keeping abreast of what needs to be done when will help you out alot.

Starting a journal is also a fantastic way of living intentionally.

Every day, as much as you can, take a look at your surroundings. Take it all in. Now write it down.

As I mentioned in my post of 25 ways to nurture your mind, soul and body, writing things down helps to strengthen your mind.

Express Gratitude Daily

Each morning that you wake up is another day you have the chance to live. Not everyone has been given that same chance.

Express gratitude every day because there is always a reason to be thankful.

Spend time with the people you care about. Write a thank-you letter to your mom and dad and tell them just how much you appreciate the hard work they did raising you and your siblings.

Try your best to find things to be thankful for every single chance you get.

The more thankful you become, the better quality of life you’ll have because you understand that each moment is precious.

Set Goals

Set goals. What does this even mean?

I was doing some reading the other day and found that millennial women are among the smallest group making goals this year.

Why is that? What kind of life do you hope to have if you have no goals to work towards?

If you want to live an impactful, intentional life then you need to set goals for yourself.

We all have dreams that we want to come true. So why not write them down and work our butts off to get there?

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of having my own business where I could work from anywhere and become a woman who changes the world.

Now that I’m an adult I don’t wanna let me down and you shouldn’t either.

Goals help to shape the person we become. They drive us closer and closer to finding our purpose.

They help us to live with intention!

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