How to Get Unstuck in Life and Start Moving Forward

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that your life isn’t going quite the way you had planned? You know the one. It causes you to question every decision you’ve ever made. You daydream about quitting your job. Monday mornings are filled with anxiety. And you’re sick of never having enough money to do all of the things you want to do.

You feel completely stuck.

I know this feeling all too well. By my mid-twenties, I had already advanced as far as I could in a job I hated, I could barely afford to pay my bills much less do anything fun, and I had just ended an engagement and moved back in with my parents.

I was ready to quit my job, but I had no idea what to do next. Living with my parents was far from ideal, but I wasn’t financially stable yet. And I was still recovering from a highly emotional break-up.

At first, I felt so overwhelmed by the weight of the decisions that were pulling on me. I knew I needed to make major changes in my life. But everything was such a mess, I had no idea where to start. Eventually I realized that sitting around trying to figure it out wasn’t getting me anywhere. The only way to get through this was to take imperfect action and figure it out along the way. And that’s exactly what I did. 

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How to Get Unstuck in Life and Start Moving Forward

1. Make Time everyday for something that brings you joy

If you’re feeling stuck then you’ve likely lost sight of some of the things that really bring joy into your life. Dwelling on what you dislike about your life can really drain you of the energy you could be spending doing things you love.

To shift your mindset in a positive direction, make a list of everything that brings you joy. Think of things you haven’t done in a while or that you really liked when you were younger.

Once you have your list, make time everyday to prioritize at least one activity that brings you joy. 

2. Focus on trying new things

Don’t let yourself get caught up on the WHAT or HOW of what you want to change. Analyzing it over and over isn’t going to do anything to get you unstuck.

Instead, focus on taking action. Try out new hobbies or learn a new skill. This is an opportunity to discover new likes and dislikes.

Shaking up your normal routine is the perfect way to get unstuck and start moving forward.

3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

Feeling stuck can cause you to lose sight of what’s actually going right in your life. The more you think about what’s going wrong, the more you feel like your whole world is falling apart.

You have to break the negative loop playing in your mind. And the greatest way to do that is to remind yourself what you are grateful for on a daily basis.

Start out by taking time every morning and night to reflect on what you are grateful for. Write out 1 – 3 things you are grateful for and focus on why you appreciate them in your life.

I recently started using The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day to make it easier to incorporate gratitude as part of my daily routine.

4. Create a vision board

Creating a vision board can be a lot of fun especially when you are going through a major transition in your life. Thinking about the type of life you want to live can spark new ideas and point you in the direction of your next move. Get out your old magazines and let your imagination run wild.

Tread carefully though. If you are anything like me, sometimes thinking about the future can cause you to feel even more dissatisfied with your current circumstances. You might start to feel like the life you want is so far out of reach. So if working on a vision board makes you feel more stuck then try filling it with motivational words or quotes to inspire you instead.

5. Meditate

Meditation is another great exercise to help break the negative loop playing through your mind. If you are new to meditation then I recommend starting with guided visualization exercises to help train your brain to think more positive thoughts.

Trying to clear my mind of thoughts just doesn’t work for me. Instead I spend 10 minutes every night before bed setting clear intentions. I use meditation similar to a form of prayer. So for 10 minutes, I try to free my mind of any negative or limiting beliefs, and instead, focus on what it is I am currently trying to accomplish.

6. Take a break from social media

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else’s highlight reel. It may look like everybody else has their life so together. But remember that nobody posts when they are having a bad day.

If you find yourself feeling bad about your own life after spending hours mindlessly scrolling your news feed then it might be time to make some changes to your social media environment.

Start out by unfollowing the profiles that don’t add positive value to your life. You can replace them with accounts that light you up and bring you joy. That away when you do find yourself mindlessly scrolling at least it makes you feel good inside.

I’ve included a list of my favorite positive social media profiles in the free workbook below.

7. Find a way to relax (I like to color in adult coloring books!)

Adult coloring books became all the craze a couple years ago. This still remains one of my favorite self-care activities after I’ve had a rough day. It’s the perfect activity when you’re feeling too overwhelmed to actually do anything. Coloring doesn’t really require much energy, and it gives your mind something to focus on to distract you from negative thoughts.

Don't forget to download the free workbook to help you get unstuck and moving forward with confidence!
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Feeling stuck is a natural part of growing up. Remember that it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. It just means that exciting things are coming your way very soon! You will get through this! I believe in you! 

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3 comments on “How to Get Unstuck in Life and Start Moving Forward”

    • Thanks so much Christina! I am really glad the post resonated with you. I know coloring probably seemed like a super random tip, but I would seriously be so stressed out if it wasn’t for adult coloring books 🙂

  1. These are some great tips! I already try to make sure I incorporate gratitude into my daily life but never thought about doing something I love everyday. It sounds so simple and “duh!” yet it takes posts like these to make me realize “girl, you need to do that!” I’m working on taking social media breaks as well but I love twitter so much hahaha. I’ll have to really practice at it! Great post Cheyenne, looking forward for your next one!

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