The Clarity Blueprint


For purpose-driven millennials who are ready to get unstuck, figure out what they really want, and create a plan of action to move forward with confidence.

You, my dear, were born to thrive.


  • disappointed in your current situation and unsure what to do next
  • spending hours daydreaming about jobs and seriously considering faking your own death so you don’t have to show up at work on Monday
  • suffering from analysis paralysis because you don’t know what’s right for you
  • feeling frustrated and overwhelmed from thinking through all the options but not getting anywhere
  • cursing life because you thought it would be so much simpler than this
  • reading every self-help book you can get your hands on because surely there must be an answer


  • clarity around what you really want and why it matters to you
  • awareness of the possibilities you didn’t even know existed
  • a professional assessment of your personal values and strengths 
  • confidence to go after what you want no matter what stands in your way
  • willingness to let go of the fear and doubt that’s holding you back
  • clear goals and a plan of action to take you where you want to go

The Clarity Blueprint


Phase #1: Knowing and valuing yourself

The first phase of coaching will focus on developing self-awareness to help you discover your personal values and strengths. Having a clear understanding of what really matters to you and what you truly excel at helps give you a sense of direction and purpose when navigating life’s tough decisions. 

During this phase, we will also address any fear and doubt that’s been holding you back. Through mindfulness exercises and visualization, I will help you shift into a more positive mindset. 

Phase #2: Planning for the future

During the second phase, we will get really clear on what you want and the type of life you want to live. I will help you set actionable short-term goals so you can start building momentum and moving forward with confidence. 

This is the phase where your life will start to look and feel different. Using your values and strengths from phase one, you will begin to feel more confident in your decisions and no longer fear taking the next step. 

Phase #3: Preparing for lasting change

During the final phase of coaching, we will assess your daily habits and make sure that you are preparing yourself for lasting change. We will take a closer look at any areas you are still struggling with, and put together a plan of action to keep you moving forward long after our last session.  


Happy Clients

“Cheyenne has the unique ability of helping you reach answers within yourself. Answers that were already there but that you may have been blocking out due to fear, lack of confidence, or simply because you didn’t quiet the noise. She helped me gain clarity on the passions that I have. Before talking with her, I was not listening to them. Although I still have some self work and reflection to move through, I may not have gotten the clarity I needed to at least be open to other options if it hadn’t been for my conversation with her. Thanks Cheyenne!”

Dana G.   |


A judgement free zone to share your struggles and goals

An accountability partner to keep you focused and motivated every week

Weekly 60 minute sessions via video conference

Unlimited email and text support between sessions

hi, i'm cheyenne

I’m a Clarity + Success Coach dedicated to helping purpose-driven millennials get unstuck, figure out what they really want, and create a plan of action to move forward with confidence. 

If credentials matter to you, I earned my B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Houston (where I was honored as the School of Human Sciences and Humanities Student of the Year). I’m currently obtaining my life coaching certification in positive psychology from Wholebeing Institute. 

I will never let you settle.

The most meaningful transformations happen when you have the guidance and support of someone who believes in you and your unlimited potential. I know you were meant to do amazing things. Now let’s make it happen!


The Clarity Blueprint is a 12 week coaching program. 

Coaching is one payment of $1299 USD or six bi-weekly payments of $250 USD. 

Our coaching calls will take place via video conference using Zoom. You will schedule appointments directly through my calendar at a time that is convenient for you. 

We’ll have one 60-minute session each week. You will have unlimited email support between sessions.


Maybe you’re ready to jump in head first or you might be feeling a bit nervous. Either way, the first step to getting started is to schedule a free 1-on-1 Clarity Session so we can start chatting to see if coaching is right for you.